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Learn. Practice. Make.

TOMA 4 MEDIA WORKSHOPS offers a learning and training space in the different branches of storytelling and digital media in Panama.

Currently, our training can be taken in two ways:

WORKSHOPS. They are group workshops open to the public at a set price, and usually take place in our studio or in the location we designate for the workshop.

ONE-ON-ONE. They are personalized sessions in which we cover the same topics as the workshops, but ONE on ONE. They are more intensive sessions because the instructor's attention is focused on you. We also have this option available for work teams. Sessions can be given in the participant's office or in our studio. The cost of One-on-One sessions starts from USD 150.00 per session (per person). To book your One-On-One Session, write to us at

Our workshops and sessions are relevant both for individuals seeking to learn or expand their knowledge, as well as for groups and/or work teams seeking to align themselves with the same know-how base for their stories, videos, marketing strategies and others.

For inquiries you can write to us at

¿What do those who have taken our Workshops and One-on-One Sessions have to say?

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