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Call open untilOctober 6, 2018
- Students
- Recent graduates
- Hobbyists / Amateurs
From: Cinema, Production, Photography, Sound, Animation or related Careers/areas.
We have put together a Production Learning ProgramrealYhands-on. It is an opportunity designed for people whohave a foundation but lack enough real experience.It is a program aimed atStudents(studying or recent graduates) of production, cinema, photography and/or related careers, and forHobbyists/Amateurswho seek to get serious and fully immerse themselves in the production industry.
CANDIDATES.We will choose a select and very small number of people who will be part of a REAL production TEAM, in REAL projects.
FUNCTIONS.Those selected will be able to learn and rotate in different areas: camera, production, sound, editing, among others. The projects will advance in complexity and to that same extent, we will focus the selected ones on the area where they best fit.
PROJECTS.The chosen team will have the opportunity to participate in different types of projects, including: Documentary Film, Digital Content, and Commercial/Corporate Video Production.
DURATION.The program will last four (4) months. During this period, the team will participate in REAL studio projects, being exposed first-hand to all kinds of productions, thus learning the different requirements and challenges in each scenario (film, web, corporate, etc.).
IN SUMMARY.Those selected will finish the program with a wide and versatile work experience, in a very short time, and with the opportunity to have learned what cannot be learned in a tutorial or in a classroom.
PROGRAM COST.This is a free call. Those pre-selected will go through an interview process, and finally those selected will have a unique, unprecedented opportunity. The cost and investment required will be sacrifice, commitment to the program and compliance with the work standard that we demand in the study. It will depend on the selected ones to live up to it and make the most of it.
We are going to teach you, we are going to share knowledge with you and we are going to give you the opportunity to be part of real projects... but you must:
1. Already have a base and general production knowledge, in any area: camera, sound, production, editing, etc. You cannot come completely from ZERO.
2. Demonstrate said base and knowledge through a reel or samples of a project (university, college, personal, amateur, etc.)
3. Know how to use/operate DSLR and/or Mirrorless cameras.
4. Have basic to intermediate knowledge of editing (preferably using Premiere).
5. HaveAvailabilityfor the entire duration of the program.
6. Responsibility, honesty, commitment and desire to learn by doing.
7. Be of legal age.

If you are interested and meet these requirements, send us an email tohr@toma4.comwith the following:
- CV
- Link of your Reel or sample of a project
- A letter of motivation (tell us why you are interested in participating, what you are looking to learn and why you should be selected)

- Send the above all together in a single PDF.
- In the title of the email write: Internship Experience - Your Name and Surname

SOLO We will receive applications until the deadline: October 6, 2018.
SOLO We will consider candidates who send all the required information, in the indicated manner and who meet all the requirements. If you can't read carefully and follow directions, we thank you for saving your time and ours.
SOLO You will be contacted for the interview process if you are pre-selected.
This convocationNOTis directed or open to professionals whoALREADYhavewide experienceand that they are looking for work. This is a practical internship program.
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